Eintrag-Details: Web Mobs: Next Generation Social Software

Web Mobs: Next Generation Social Software

After Smart Mobs and Flash Mobs comes the next generation of social networks. Birds of a feather meet on content of common interest. Without knowing each other in advance, they can meet by chance. Web Mobs do not have to leave their home. They do not give up their anonymity. Web Mobs meet on Web pages. On the Web as well as in real life, new relations develop if people are in the same place at the same time and if they have a common interest. "In real life we are used to meet people. We meet in shops, cafes, in the lecture hall, and in the doctor's waiting room. Common interest is a very natural way to make new contacts. That's the same on the Internet. Visiting the same Web site is a strong indication, that the other person has related interests. Its the content.", explains Wolf.
Based on this idea Dr. Wolf developed the virtual presence system. The chief scientist of the software developer bluehands offers this new kind of social software for free. He wants to bring the Web alive with people. The system has been developed based on the Jabber protocol (XMPP) and is distributed under GPL.
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Web Mobs meet on web pages

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Next Generation Social Software Web Mobs and Virtual Presence


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